The MHONGOOSE Large Survey Project 

MHONGOOSE ("MeerKAT Observations of Nearby Galactic Objects - Observing Southern Emitters") is a MeerKAT Large Survey Project to do extremely sensitive observations of the neutral hydrogen distribution in a sample of 30 nearby galaxies within 20 Mpc. The sample covers all inclinations, HI masses from ∼105 to ∼1010 M, and luminosities from MR ∼ −12 to ∼ −22.

MHONGOOSE will probe the complete range of conditions found in local disk galaxies: from prominent star forming disks to the little-explored low-column density gas far out in the dark matter halo. The Project will provide a comprehensive inventory of the processes driving the transformation and evolution of galaxies in the nearby universe over 5 orders of magnitude in HI mass and column density.

The project consists of 1650 hours of observing time on the MeerKAT interferometer in South Africa. Commissioning is underway, with the first MHONGOOSE survey observations expected in late 2020. Survey observations are expected to run over five years.

At the 2017 international peer review of the Large Survey Projects by the MeerKAT SKA-SA organisation, MHONGOOSE was ranked highest of the MeerKAT imaging survey projects, and second-highest overall.

If you are interested in contributing to MHONGOOSE please send an expression of interest to the PI Erwin de Blok (details in the Contact page) with your scientific interests and the contribution that you propose to make to the survey.

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